Collection and management of used brines

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As part of the comprehensive service of graduation towers, our company has developed and implemented a new service, which consists in the collection of used brines. The brine is collected throughout the country, among others. brine graduation towers, brine fountains, brine pools and brine inhalatories.
In this way, our company implements its pro-ecological assumptions.
Solanka z Zabłocia sp. z o.o.

NIP: 633-212-84-66
KRS: 0000360742
REGON: 240168720
SHARE CAPITAL: 80.000,00 zł
Bank account number:
PKO BP 42 1020 2472 0000 6102 0194 8322
Company headquarters and place of extraction:

ul. Bielska 8
Telephone and email

Bogusław Goik
Chairman of the Board
Krzysztof Lipiński 
Vice-President of the Management Board for Trade and Development
Ryszard Ślaski 
Vice-President of the Management Board for Mining and Geological Affairs
Mirosław Wardas
Head of the Warehousing Department
Grzegorz Osica
Logistics Department Manager
Mirosław Wardas
Head of the Logistics and Warehousing Department