of classrooms

There is a deficiency of iodine throughout the area of ​​our country. Within the coastal strip the deficiency is moderate, and in the rest of Poland, it is deep.

As part of the prevention and protection of public health, we offer you to join the program of iodization of classrooms already functioning in many municipalities.


Sól Zabłocka

Iodine deficiency affects our health and well-being very negatively, which manifests itself, among others, in lowered mood, hyperactivity, nervousness, reduced resistance of the organism, as well as delayed psychomotor and intellectual reactions.

Institutions and centers that participate in our program achieved significant reductions in illness rate among children and adolescents.



Korzyści wynikające z Programu Jodowania Sal Lekcyjnych:

  • much better attendance at classes
  • better studying results
  • less spending on health care

Iodination air is done using cups with brine, placed on radiators. With the evaporation of brine, a unique microclimate formed in the room, with the air rich in iodine and other extremely valuable microelements.


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